Analysis of five common faults of Suzhou First radium laser marking machine

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Suzhou first laser marking machine common five kinds of failure analysis laser marking machine problems, if not solved in time will affect the delivery time of products, although the laser marking machine maintenance is more troublesome, but its principle is relatively simple, there are many problems can be solved by themselves without professional and technical personnel maintenance, the following is laser marking Five common faults of standard machine

1. The marking pattern of laser marking machine is not clear

Solution: check whether the thickness of the die plate is uniform, whether the molding pressure is too small, whether the temperature is too low, whether the machine accuracy is reduced.

Process control points: die plate thickness error should be controlled within 0.o01mm, hardness should be maintained in 230-280n / mm. Because the hologram is to mold interference fringes by applying a certain amount of pressure to the mold roller, if the hardness of the die plate is not enough, the internal stress will make the die plate deformed or damaged in the process of imprinting.

2. The marking pattern of laser marking machine is dim

Solution: check whether the heating temperature is too low and whether the molding pressure drops.

Key points of process control: the setting of molding pressure should comprehensively consider the molding temperature, the type of holographic material or the softening point of coating layer, etc. If the pressure is too high, the die plate is easy to be damaged or the holographic material will be crushed; if the pressure is too low, the molding image is not clear and incomplete; for the circular pressing mode, the initial pressure of the pressure rollers on both sides is generally about 0.08mpa; after the molding starts, gradually increase the pressure of the pressure roller to 030 ~ 0.50mpa. The molding speed can be adjusted according to the quality of the press and the performance of the machine.

3. The marking pattern of laser marking machine turns white

Solution: check whether the molding speed is too slow and whether the molding temperature is too high.

4. Marking film of laser marking machine

Causes: the hot pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, the coating viscosity will increase, which will cause the sticky plate and make the film wound on the holographic imprint roller.

Solution: reduce the hot pressing temperature.

5. The marking pattern of laser marking machine is clear and fuzzy

Causes: the temperature distribution of hot pressing device is not uniform or the die plate is not smooth.

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