• Picosecond laser cutting machine
  • Picosecond laser cutting machine

Picosecond laser cutting machine

Model number: SL - PU - F3535
Laser power: W
External dimension: ××mm
Characteristic: picosecond or femtosecond laser, ultra short pulse processing without heat conduction.


Picosecond laser refers to the laser emission pulse width time is picosecond level, it depends on its own very high peak power, instantaneous gasification of materials, little thermal effect, neat processing edge.

By picosecond laser under the movement of the scanning galvanometer reflected by the flat field scanning lens to focus on the surface of brittle material, control of laser beam scanning galvanometer is repeated many times in sports, ablative material surface gradually, material is high density peak power laser transient heating rapid rise to plasma gasification temperature, make the material by laser ablation and gradually from the material surface in the form of gas escape, so as to realize the cut through separation of materials.

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