Project introduction

Project introduction

With the development and progress of The Times, brittle materials are more and more widely used, including mobile phones, ipads, TELEVISIONS, computer displays, LED and OLED products and other microelectronic products, glass substrates of integrated circuits, optical devices, medical devices, semiconductors and so on.

With the continuous development and iteration of brittle materials, the use of more advanced laser technology for processing is particularly important in the field of micro-fine processing.

After years of technical precipitation, many methods have achieved experimental results under the continuous drive of high market demand and market requirements to reduce processing steps, reduce material waste and dry manufacturing process.

Such as ultra-fast laser cutting sapphire flakes, can achieve a clean surface, no fragmentation, processing speed fast effect.

Therefore, the development of ultra-fast laser technology will further expand the application field of brittle materials.


Cost analysis

Cost analysis

Ordinary laser processing has been unable to meet the requirements of accuracy within 0.05mm, arc R within 0.03mm, cutting position spacing within 0.5mm, etc., while picosecond laser cutting machine has higher laser frequency and smaller pulse width, which can achieve faster and higher quality processing.

The cutting edge is smooth and smooth without burr, glue overflow and black edge.

Software operation intuitive and simple, one - key processing in place.

High power, stable, reliable, field replaceable consumable laser, shou-laser laser has lower maintenance cost than peers.

Built-in circulation-cooled semiconductor refrigerator, small size, light weight, safe and reliable, high efficiency, high temperature control precision, low noise.

Picosecond laser processing has more advantages and prospects.

Application cases


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