Project introduction

Project introduction


3C electronic products play an important role in People's Daily life, providing information, providing convenience and even inspiring people's creativity.

In product research and development, lighter, thinner and more portable have become a new direction. The internal components of 3C products are getting smaller and smaller, and the precision and electronic integration are getting higher and higher.

The requirements of welding and cutting technology for internal components are becoming higher and higher.

Due to the instability of traditional technology,

In the marking, welding, cutting and other processes easy to cause parts damage, resulting in a low yield.

As a new technology, laser has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and no damage to the matrix.

In the production process of 3C products, laser technology plays an important role in volume optimization and quality improvement of products.

Make the product more light and thin, better stability.

At present, the hot topic in the field of communication is 5G.

With the advent of 5G era, the mobile phone industry will usher in a new round of changes.

Lasers can be used in a wide range of applications, from parts of 3C electronics to integral drilling, cutting, marking and tracing.

Cost analysis

Cost analysis

Laser marking can effectively reduce artificial and consumable materials, and the marking is permanent, not easy to remove, more reliable.

Cost calculation:

One marking equipment can reduce the manpower of four people in daily night shift, and reduce the labor cost of 20,000 yuan/month;

The price of a barcode label paper (high temperature resistant) is 0.03 yuan, about 800,000 pieces per month, reducing the cost of consumables by 24,000 yuan per month.

The price of a two-dimensional code radium carving machine is calculated at 300,000 YUAN. It is fully automatic marking without manual labor and no subsequent consumables.

Cost recovery time 30W /4.4w=6.8 months.

Application cases


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