• Nanosecond laser welding machine
  • Nanosecond laser welding machine
  • Nanosecond laser welding machine

Nanosecond laser welding machine

Model number: SL - WN70
Laser power: 70W
Dimensions: 750×850×1550mm
Feature: highly integrated modular, product expansion strong, easy to achieve automation.


Nanosecond welding adopts the latest welding process concept, which is completely different from the long pulse welding mechanism.

Nanosecond laser adopts scanning welding method, which can distribute laser energy arbitrarily, and has the characteristics of independent adjustment of pulse width and frequency.

The stable peak power output can be maintained even when the pulse width and frequency are changed.

After melting the material to form a specific melting pool, to achieve the purpose of welding, has a super high cost performance.

It is especially suitable for welding between different nonferrous metals.

Nanosecond optical fiber laser light source, high-stability galvanometer system, high-precision CCD positioning system and power monitoring system are adopted, which are specially customized for heterogeneous high-inverse thin-wall material welding, with ultra-high cost performance.

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