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Laser cleaner

Model No. : N/A
Laser power:
External dimension: ××mm
Feature: high efficiency, low cost, low thermal and mechanical load on the substrate.


Laser cleaning technology refers to the process of using high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface of the workpiece, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface will instantly evaporate or peel off, and the adhesion or coating on the surface of the clean object can be effectively removed at a high speed, so as to achieve a clean process.

It is based on the effects of the interaction between laser and material, a new technology with the traditional mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning method (wet cleaning process), it doesn't need any ozone-depleting CFC type organic solvent, no pollution, no noise, harmless to the human body and environment, is a kind of "green" cleaning technology.

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