• Laser wire stripper
  • Laser wire stripper
  • Laser wire stripper

Laser wire stripper

Model No. : N/A
Laser power:
External dimension: ××mm
Feature: adopt precise linear lead screw motion module, high precision and fast speed.


Laser wire stripping principle

• The principle of laser wire stripping is: the thermal decomposition effect and the destruction of molecular chain effect of laser are used to process the material to be stripped. According to the material characteristics of different layers, two different laser types can be selected to process the wire

• CO2 laser wire stripper can strip non-metallic outer layer and insulating inner layer;

Due to the low absorption coefficient of metal to such wavelength, it will not damage the metal layer

• YAG laser wire stripper can strip metal shielding layer;

Due to the low laser absorption coefficient of non-metallic materials to such wavelengths, the inner insulation layer will not be damaged

The combination of the two results in a complete stripping scheme:

The outer insulating rubber layer and the nylon insulating protective layer close to the wire core were stripped by CO2 laser wire stripper.

The metal shielding layer is stripped by YAG laser wire stripper.

The two can be combined into an assembly line to suit continuous production.

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