• On-line laser marking machine
  • On-line laser marking machine
  • On-line laser marking machine

On-line laser marking machine

Model number: SL - LC10/20/30
Laser power: 10W/ 20W/30W
External dimension: ××mm
Characteristic: it has the unique effect of vision and touch and can never be erased.


Picosecond laser, customized focusing head, focusing beam diameter to 3 m, cutting path only 10 m, narrow slit, more chip out rate, no thermal effect, no damage to the chip circuit.

The scribing speed is up to 500mm/s. For samples with a thickness of less than 1mm, the laser scribing can be broken only once.

CCD visual prescan & automatic target positioning, maximum processing range 650mm×450mm, and Mosaic accuracy of XY platform ≤±3 m.

No taper cut, minimum edge collapse 3 m, smooth edge.

Supports a variety of visual positioning features, such as crosses, solid circles, hollow circles, L-shaped right-angle edges, image feature points, etc.

Product configuration

Optical maserImported RADIofrequency
excited metal-sealed CO2 laser
Long life, high reliability, good beam quality
Vibration lensDomestic high qualityThe response speed is faster than that of the galvanometer,
and the marking is more precise, faster and more reliable
F - 8 lensWavelength companyF=100mm, scope 70mmx70mm (standard)
F=160mm, scope 110mmx110mm (optional)
Marking softwareSpecial marking software Chinese versionPowerful function, simple and convenient operation, Autocad, Coreldraw,
Photoshop and other software are compatible
Control computerLaptop computerMinimum configuration: processor frequency 1.6G, memory 512M, hard disk 80GB,
communication interface USBx2, LANx1, Chinese WINDOWS XP operating system;
Photoelectric switch
Domestic high qualityHigh response speed sensor and on-line marking system.
According to the degree of production speed and product
Speed detection sensorDomestic high qualitySpeed encoder, real-time detection of production line speed.

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