• Co2 laser marking machine
  • Co2 laser marking machine
  • Co2 laser marking machine

Co2 laser marking machine

Model number: SL - C10/20/30
Laser power: 10W/ 20W/30W
External dimension: 560×800×1072mm
Characteristic: the engraving depth is controlled at will, the processing cost is low, no consumables.


The CO2 laser marking machine laser is a kind of gas laser, whose wavelength is 10.6 m, belonging to the middle infrared frequency band. The CO2 laser has relatively large power and relatively high electro-optical conversion efficiency.

CO2 laser takes CO2 gas as the working material, and charges CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases into the discharge tube. When high voltage is applied on the electrode, glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, and the gas molecules can release the laser.

After amplifying the released laser energy, laser processing can be carried out.

Product configuration

Optical maserImported RADIofrequency excited metal-sealed CO2 laserLong life, high reliability, good beam quality
Vibration lensDomestic high qualityThe marking is more precise, faster and more reliable
F - 8 lensforeign brandHigh quality optical devices
Marking softwareSpecial marking software Chinese versionPowerful,easy to operate, compatible with Autocad、
Coreldraw、Photoshop and other software formats.
Control computerChinaProcessor frequency above 1.6G, memory ≥512M, hard disk ≥80GB,
17-inch LCD (PV), communication interface USB×2, COM×1,
LDT×1, LAN×1, Chinese WINDOWS operating system

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