• Optical fiber laser marking machine
  • Optical fiber laser marking machine

Optical fiber laser marking machine

Model number: SL - F10/20
Laser power: 10W/ 20W
External dimension: ××mm
Feature: high efficiency of electro-optic conversion, can be diversified marking on a variety of materials.


SHOLASER fiber laser marking machine is a new generation of laser marking system developed by our company with advanced laser technology.

The optical fiber laser is used to output the laser, and then the marking function is realized by the high-speed scanning galvanometer system.

Optical fiber laser marking mechanical and electrical transfer efficiency is high, the use of air cooling cooling, small volume, output speed of light quality, high reliability.

Engraving metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in depth, smoothness, precision requirements of the field.

Product configuration

Optical maserFiber laserPAYCUS FIBER LASER has long life,
     High reliability and good beam quality
Vibration lensHigh speed vibrating lensHZL galvanometer system, more precise marking,
     Faster and more reliable
F - 8 lensDomestic high qualityHigh quality optical devices
Marking softwareSpecial marking software Chinese versionJCZ professional laser marking software;
     Powerful functions, easy to operate,
     Autocad, Coreldraw, Photoshop and other software formats are compatible
Control computerChinaIndustrial control computer, processor frequency above 3.0G,
     Memory ≥2G, hard disk ≥500GB,
     19 inch LCD,
     Communication interface USB×2, COM×1, LDT×1,
     LAN×1, Chinese Windows operating system

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