• Laser solder ball welding
  • Laser solder ball welding

Laser solder ball welding

Model number: SL - XQ100 / XS120 / XG80
Laser power: 100W/120W/80W
External dimension: ××mm
Characteristic: no flux required, no pollution, maximum guarantee device life.


The laser solder ball jet welding machine melts the solder ball by laser and USES inert gas pressure to spray the molten solder onto the surface of the solder joint to form an interconnected solder joint.

It can realize high precision spot welding with small heat affected area and deformation.

Fast welding speed, smooth welding, beautiful, no treatment after welding;

High welding quality, no porosity, accurate control;

Small focusing point, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation.

For some very sensitive to temperature or soft plate joint welding area, can effectively ensure the welding precision and high quality solder joints.


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