• QCW laser welding machine
  • QCW laser welding machine
  • QCW laser welding machine

QCW laser welding machine

Model number: SL - FQ150/300
Laser power: 150W/ 300W
External dimension: 1600×1200×1300mm
Feature: mainly for thin - wall materials, precision parts of the spot welding overlay welding.


QCW automatic laser welding machine is understood as "non-standard model and style, use of automatic welding machine.

Although the development of laser equipment in recent years by leaps and bounds, but the standard laser equipment can only meet the needs of most users, so the non-standard automatic laser equipment was born.

That is, according to the needs of users to reasonably arrange the assembly of various accessories, computer control, automatic operation.

The whole machine consists of laser module, control module, equipment module and jig.

The 150 watt vibrating mirror type optical fiber laser welding machine, the peak power can reach 1500W, can be used for single point welding and continuous welding.

Mitsubishi fiber imported from Japan, durable, high stability.

The single point or continuous laser welding pool is realized on the surface of the product shell by laser pulse high temperature welding.

Laser welding can realize single machine operation and automatic configuration.

Product configuration

Optical maserchinaDomestic packaging of all imported seed
sources: QCW-150W fiber laser, fine spot, quality assurance.high stability
welding headsholaserthe welding spot is more precise, faster and more reliable
F - 8 lensnanjing wavelengthhigh quality laser welding optical devices, durable, high precision
welding softwaresholaserpowerful function, easy to learn, easy to operate
Control computeryanhuaDual core 3.2 GHz CPU、4G of memory、500G hard disk、17 "LCD monitor
CCD GPSsholaserhigh pixel CCD and welding special light source and software
fixtureCustomer to provideAccording to the product custom rotary jig,can weld 12-14 points per second
cabinetsholaser customfull enclosed cabinet size (length"width" height): 1080"900"1900mm

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